Why should authors give attention to twitter?

Build a Community
Identify, engage, and converse with readers, increase your followers and build a community around your books.
Position Yourself
Position yourself among the top-notch authors through making a name for yourself on twitter, increasing your online likes, mentions, and retweets.
Get Attention
Get the attention of the best publishers and magazines to publish your books. They look for twitter rock stars.
With your strong twitter existence, your online organic searches on Amazon and Google will increase, your books will get more exposure, and your sales will GROW!
of our poll respondents
have said that having a conversation with the author on twitter motivates them to buy the book.
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“I post on Twitter regularly, and when I checked my followers, I saw that my own characters were following me. They sounded eerily like my characters would actually sound. It was a very surreal thing to see come to life digitally!”

Neal Shusterman

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