5 Self-publishing Companies that Will Bring Your Writing Career to Life


While self-publishing eliminates the troubles authors used to face to get published back in the days, it creates a whole new field that the author has to be an expert in. One of the very first questions that arise when you decide to go with self-publishing would be what are the companies that can help you. Also, you would wonder about the criteria you can decide upon the perfect company for you. And there is the question of how much money you will have to pay and whether you can publish without any costs.


The questions of self-publishing are not limited to those mentioned above. Though, it’s an excellent point to start by.




Createspace is the widely known self-publishing company owned by Amazon. It has popularity among many authors who are in favor of do-it-yourself publishing. You need to deliver a finished copy of your book, and it would be distributed on Amazon.com and Amazon’s European websites with no upfront cost. You can purchase the services of converting your text to Kindle format or having the extended distribution option. Although the company’s website offers free tools to help you finish your book, the book will be reviewed before publishing, and if they find any problem, they will get back to you. If you prefer to have others finish editing, designing or marketing for you, you can check the packages offered by the company. They also provide customized services according to your needs.




Lulu has made around 2 million publications since it was founded in 2002, cooperating with authors from 225 countries. It is a giant DIY publisher. The website provides guides to help you through the creation if your book, but it also offers professional help. Its services are arguably overpriced though. Your book can be put to sale on Lulu.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram.



With a wide range of online solutions for publishing books, Blurb was the winner of Webby Award for Best Services website in 2008. There is the softwareBookSmart which provides you with various layouts, and you can choose what suits you best to convert pictures and texts into a book with professional quality. You will find other services that will make your life easier whether you use Adobe InDesign or PDF. Also, there are lots of features to help to create photo books. To get a broader idea of what they offer, check their bookmaking tools.



The youngest self-publishing company in this list, Bookbaby doesn’t follow the notion that self-publishing means free publishing. Instead, it promotes the importance of helping the author in every step from editing and proofreading to marketing and distributing the book. It offers different packages according to the number of services you get. Also, the company boasts having a vast ebook retail network and the highly efficient customer service helping you in every step of the way.



With basic package for 899$, Xlibris is known to charge higher upfront fees than other self-publishing service providers. It offers six different packages from 899$ to 15,299$. You will find services for black and white publishing, full-color publishing and, customized publishing. Despite offering these various packages, editing and proofreading aren’t included. So you have to make sure you deliver a finished manuscript, or you purchase the editorial services.


Creating a professional-looking book is an investment of time and money. Signing a contract with any of the self-publishing companies wouldn’t get you off the hook of making a high investment. But you need to make sure it doesn’t cost you even more. Do your RESEARCH thoroughly! And share with us your experience with self-publishing companies. What was great? What went wrong? And what you wish you knew before?




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