Booktips started in March 2015 as a service provider for authors. Now, we are concentrating on helping authors through creating valuable content to develop awareness about their career.
We will tackle topics like :
History of publishing : Expect to know more info about the old and modern history of this great industry. Also, stories and habits of great authors.
Marketing for authors : Without promoting your work, the reader won’t be aware of your valuable book. We’ll tackle the tactics, tools, and disciplines needed to help authors become ahead of the game.
Traditional publishing : Many aspiring authors are stuck in the process of getting their books published. We discuss in detail about the process of getting your book published traditionally, and how to target the right publishers.
Self-publishing : Catching the trend of self-publishing isn’t that easy. We will shed light on the points most indie authors miss and how to become a self-published author.
Author’s career : To be a great author you need to master your tools. We will help you find all the books, courses, tools, and tips to develop yourself to be a successful author.