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Successful Marketing will get your book promoted and spread. Whether you’re an indie-author or you’ve got you’re publisher; this blog is for you.

The core of Marketing is Building a Brand

Branding in this era of social media and content marketing is crucial to standout. Branding is you assuring your reader that you have what it takes to have his time and money. It’s a promise that you’ll provide an outstanding reading experience. To sum it up branding is how you’ll be perceived from a visitor to your social media platform; the first impression you’ll have from a reader coming across your book on Amazon or in a bookstore, A lead that came from your blog.

Successful Design

Unique design is part of your branding. Picking up the right colors and suitable fonts will dramatically be translated into a perception created in the minds of your followers. Make sure to post top-notch designs on your social media and avoid using low-quality designs. With this in mind, invest in some time and effort in having an artistic book cover. You can check our article on The Evolution of Book Cover Design.

Word of mouth

The best way to have exposure is positive word of mouth. Regardless of how professional an author is If a friend kept talking enthusiastically about an author; you’ll be more likely to go buy his/her book. However, If you’ve heard negative talk about a book or an author you’ll probably black-list them. The same goes for you, So make sure you’re building a nice reputation. On the contrary, you need to work on any negative feedback and work on fixing encountered errors or dissatisfaction. 

Define your Reader Persona

A Reader Persona is your Ideal reader’s general info; Demographics: Age, gender, accommodation, workplace; The genre they read and why do they read it. What are they doing for a living?Are they capable of buying your books? subscribing to a premium membership…etc? Ask these questions and you’ll form an interpretation of your ideal reader’s behavior. Once you have such Persona your marketing strategy will be more defined and structured.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media is not only about your book, it’s more complex and deeper than that. It’s basically about your author brand. If you succeeded in forming meaningful relationships with your readers, you’ll position yourself as a successful brand. Readers are not expecting you to keep posting or tweeting about your book and they’re not willing to follow you to check your promotional stuff, or hear you doing a sales pitch through a podcast. They’re following you because they’re expecting you to add value to their news feed.


Pricing is a tricky part when it comes to selling books. You’ll surely want to add a marginal revenue apart from your total costs yet, you want to be reasonable. Keep in mind your reader persona, it has a huge influence on your pricing strategy. For instance, if you’re a Young Adult author, you’re not expecting a relatively high revenue from a single sale. Sometimes few price changes can be beneficial for you as it triggers Amazon’s algorithms. You can apply few changes occasionally to your price.

Building a mailing list

We’ve talked before about Blogging For Authors, Through your blog, you can build a mailing list of leads to keep your subscribers updated, those leads are people that actually put effort and took action towards signing up to your mailing list for whatever reason you’ve offered(newsletter, updates, offers…). They have the potential of becoming loyal fans of you. Consequently, you need to professionally keep your mailing list updated and fresh and engage extensively with your qualified audience.

Expand your network

You can’t generate more sales while lacking the proper exposure. Work smartly through social media and literary events on expanding your network.

E-book promotions

You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you, that’s too passive.”– Anita Campell

You can send free e-books to reviewers for the purpose of having more reviews. The more book reviews you get, the higher you trigger Amazon’s algorithm. This means exposure to more book buyers. In addition to this, you can make discounts 

Booktasters is an amazing community that allows you to have transparent, honest and genuine reviews by verified avid readers that you can engage with.

Measuring your social media marketing success

Think of the quality of engagement. You can have 10K followers and you’re only receiving few retweets on Twitter and a couple of shares and likes on Facebook or any other platform. On the other hand, you can have a humble number of followers yet your engagement is proportional to your number of followers. That’s real success!

In conclusion
, building a loyal fan base that does actually support you and promote your work. Always keep in mind that real success in marketing means engaging and connecting emotionally with your audience.

It’s your time!

What other tips you think are essential for marketing success?


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