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Poll: Do Book Covers Matter? Almost 3500 Answered!

  Have you bought a book before because you loved its cover? — Content for authors (@Booktips_Edu) April 8, 2018 Don't judge a book by its cover—that's true, except for books! Here at Booktips, we formed a...

Writing from Classic Authors’ Perspective

Sometimes we get those feelings of doubts and boredom. It usually happens when we lose hope and feel stressed out. Writing is a long journey, a marathon, not a sprint-you need to manage your...

How to get published: 1st step Finish your manuscript

Getting published is what every writer is always dreaming about, that dream of people reading you. Getting this done may not be as easy as some would think, that you have an idea, can...
Story Starters

Story Starters: The Art of Where to Begin

The mood is set. Your desk is full of notes and outlines. Your word processor is open. *crack* go your fingers, and you’re ready to get that story that has been consuming you for...

The Art of The Outline

As a writer, you have an idea of what your story will look like, play it in your head like a movie, different scenes, unrelated to one another, the fall and rise of actions,...

The Story of Telling Stories: How to Master POVs

Every story needs somebody to tell it. When we read, a narrator takes our hands and leads our way into the world we’re set to discover. Narrators may know the whole story or just...
Character Development

Character Development: The Birth of a Memorable Character

Your story is clear in your head, you have all the plot and plot twists figured out. The board is set, now it’s time for the players to step in the game. Any writer...

The Bestselling Novel Blueprint

This blog will shed light on the reverse engineering that was done to reach the common traits of the bestselling novels. Bestselling Novels require Best Research If you’re willing to go for the shot, you’ll...

What Every Author Ought to Know About Copyright

We’ve all come across the term “Copyright”, but this post is intended for authors that want to copyright their books and make sure it’s legally protected from infringement. A Quick Journey to the past What people...

Story Writing 101: Structuring your Horror Story

 In this Writing 101 Series, we have already gone through writing a biography that succeeds in the market. If you have missed our article on that, you can find it here. For this one, we...


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