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Top Online Freelance Platforms to Meet Your Book Cover Designer

In the previous blog, we tackled how essential book covers are. Here’s the Twitter Poll we created through our official Booktips account. The findings were surprising! 3447 participants voted, and surprisingly, 81% purchased a...

Poll: Do Book Reviews Affect Buying Decisions? 1,800 People Weighed In!

https://twitter.com/Booktips_Edu/status/975853996379459586 We conducted a survey on Twitter to determine if getting book reviews deserves a place in your marketing strategy. Almost 1800 people participated and the results were intriguing. 28% showed lack of interest in...

Tips to Rock Social Media as an Author

Authors exert unexpected efforts in writing and publishing books. Throughout the whole journey, they drain their energy. However, when they reach their end goal of having their books published; They realize that they still...

Hashtags Usage for Authors

People think Twitter is the inventors of hashtags. Unfortunately, that’s not true yet we can't deny the fact that Twitter has deliberately popularized the hashtag usage. in the meantime, hashtags are available on almost...

How to set a marketing plan as an author

Setting a proper marketing plan and executing it strategically is a key element for any successful author. Whether you have a basic understanding of marketing or you barely know the definition of the term;...

Book Marketing Tips

Successful Marketing will get your book promoted and spread. Whether you’re an indie-author or you’ve got you’re publisher; this blog is for you. The core of Marketing is Building a Brand Branding in this era...

Blogging Guide For Authors

Blogging may seem not that big deal for an author, which might be true in some cases yet we can’t deny that blogging is challenging nowadays, and a lot of authors somehow lose their...

Twitter Hacks for Authors

Twitter is not a complicated platform to be used, tweets, DMs, retweets, and likes. It is easy. But if you just using it this way, let me tell you that you’re missing a lot. There...

Twitter For Authors: How to become a part of authors community on twitter

Are you an author who has just started using twitter or have been using it but your account is still obscure and not getting the desired number of followers and interactions? Well, then let’s start...

5 Reasons Why You Should Be on Twitter

There are many different social media platforms from which you can choose to market yourself or your brand. Twitter is one of the best choices and worth spending time and effort on and here...


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