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Top Online Freelance Platforms to Meet Your Book Cover Designer

In the previous blog, we tackled how essential book covers are. Here’s the Twitter Poll we created through our official Booktips account. The findings were surprising! 3447 participants voted, and surprisingly, 81% purchased a...
Self-Publish Children's Books

How to Self-Publish Children’s Books

This blog is for the fellow authors that want to Self-Publish Children's Books. We'll highlight for you some points to keep in mind! Funding To Self-Publish Children's Books Traditionally, a children’s book has pictures. Pictures are cool...

Five myths about self-publishing that should be destroyed

Although it is considered as the answer to the problems authors have been dealing with for decades, self-publishing is still a pretty bumpy road. One reason for this is the widely held myths about...

Traditional VS Self-Publishing VS Vanity

Self- Publishing has been around for so long, far before we had these tech gadgets that allowed us to publish this blog post. In Self-publishing the author is in the driving seat for as...

5 Self-publishing Companies that Will Bring Your Writing Career to Life

While self-publishing eliminates the troubles authors used to face to get published back in the days, it creates a whole new field that the author has to be an expert in. One of the...

FREE Visual Tools for Indie Authors

We’ve tackled how important social media is for authors and we’ve blogged about the tips that can help you enhance your social media. Now it’s time to bring forth to you some top-notch Visual...

Critical mistakes Authors Make

This blog is not intended to point fingers nor to make fun of anyone. This blog will shed light upon few mistakes authors fall into; hoping we can make you aware of them and...

Proofreading VS Editing

Editing or Proofreading? Whether you’re an author, poet, blogger, student or any sort of writer, you need to pass through the Editing phase before publishing your piece of content. But which edit do you need?...

Self-Publishing Costs

My fellow author, you need to have a crystal-clear perspective before going for self-publishing and understanding that you’ll pay some bucks. In this blog We’ll break down few main expenses you’ll have to pay...

Self Publishing-What you need to know

What’s self-publishing? Self-publishing is getting your book out into the light all by yourself! As simple as it sounds, the publishing process is really challenging and that’s obviously why most people seek traditional publishers. This...


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