Essential Tools Authors Need

We’ve tackled how important social media is for authors then we’ve blogged about the tips that can help you enhance your social media. Now it’s time to bring forth to you some top-notch tools. These tools will help you accomplish a professional writing career. Furthermore, it will increase your productivity. 

Firstly, we’ll begin with the tools of social media:

Coschedule– It can be intimidating for some authors to scale smoothly in social media marketing. Initiating your work by scheduling a plan for your posts and thinking about the spreadsheets and tables might not be the perfect solution for an indie-author. However, Coschedule drives an astonishing experience that packs a punch towards the tough tools used by professionals. You can now start Promoting your books effortlessly.  

– This is a great upgrade to your website to automate newsletter sign-ups, track social shares, and even creating social share buttons. Additionally, it is user-friendly. SumoMe has a free and paid version. Depending on your usage you can figure out what to do prior to giving it a try.

Buffer The Free version of Buffer will be enough for authors. It’s used to schedule social media posts professionally! Buffer includes A Free plan, allowing you to schedule content for one social profile with 10 posts per profile which is all that an author needs.

Bitlylong URLs are not giving you enough space? No problem. Bitly provides a handy solution for social sharing. With shortening URLs you’ll have the space to speak out.

Secondly, We’ll have a look at the writing tools:

Grammarly– An amazing proofreading tool to help you excel and minimize the dependence on editors/proofreaders. Now, I’m not recommending cutting corners just to save money. The goal is not reducing your expenses yet it’s utilizing your resources and knowing where to spend your bucks on.

Draftin– One amazing tool that can boost your writing experience from uber editing to synchronizing with Google docs and Onedrive; to audio/video transcription tools which are a unique upgrade if you’re blogging! Moreover, a markdown To Do is included in Draftin to make your work more organized; A simplifying tool to help you cut down unnecessary words.

Hemingway– editing lengthy and complex sentences smoothly can save you time and effort to fix common errors. Hemingway provides a solution to recognize adverbs and long sentences. It will then suggest simple words for the complex sentences you wrote.

Thirdly, We’ll check the tools that can help your blog:

HUBSPOT’S BLOG IDEAS GENERATOR– The amazing inbound marketers bring us a handy tool to generate ideas. This will get you ahead of the game whenever you’re having a writer’s block and don’t know what to blog about.

FatJoe Blog Title Generator– FatJoe is one of the fastest growing Content Marketing agencies. Additionally, they work on link building and content marketing campaigns for more than one thousand agencies. Moreover, these people have access to thousands of links and their automated tool can help you generate blog titles!Your Turn!

It’s now your turn to share with us your best tools, Leave us a comment now!



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