FREE Visual Tools for Indie Authors

We’ve tackled how important social media is for authors and we’ve blogged about the tips that can help you enhance your social media. Now it’s time to bring forth to you some top-notch Visual Tools to help you accomplish a professional writing career.

Why Visual Tools?

Firstly, We have to refer to them amazing info In the article Shift to Visual, by Socially Sorted tackles the importance of visuals to businesses and people and how it’s currently essential to say a thousand word without speaking a word.


Sometimes you’re exhausted and the burnout rate is at its peak and you can’t design the content you want to share. Pablo gives the simplest, most basic and vital solution a Visual Tool can offer.


If you’re trying to cut corners to save the money for an editor or a proofreader and create your own book cover than canva provides a user-friendly interface for non-designers that can help you create stunning visuals in no time. 


If you’re a heavy mobile user then this app is for you. You can tune your images with cool text and add catchy visuals to pack a punch in your visuals on social media and get the ball rolling with funky text.


An amazing platform for Copyright free images that authors can use for social media, book covers, and banners. You now have a picture to share with quotes from your book.


Likewise, Viintage. Now all public domain images are between your hand. Viintage provides to users an outstanding collection of creative vintage work that can be used for cover design.


Straight outta Adobe’s house, a smart tool is brought to the web to drive an exceptional designing experience for non-designers. It’s an awesome tool for authors to create astonishing visuals for social media.


Finally, With their slogan “VIDEOS MADE EASY” Rocketium brings a wonderful experience to the users. With well-crafted design and interactive interface; it’s much easier now to produce quality videos.

Which one to use?

You can see that we’ve mentioned some tools that have the same functionality yet once you try both you’ll know which one suits your needs; Also, which one is straightforward and handy. However, we can’t deny the fact that some authors can use two or more tools having the same functionalities, interchangeably. So, it depends on your goals and objectives and what you actually do on your social media platforms.

The Visual Tools we mentioned are totally FREE. Additionally, these tools offer Premium features and paid items nevertheless you still can have a huge benefit from the Free features and if you’re into purchasing premium features they’ll be a bang for the buck.

Over to you!

All in all, We’ve tried to be simple and bring to you a pack of amazing and easy to use tools to help you get the social media hype you deserve! Now it’s your time to share the tools that can help others take their writing journey to the next level!


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