How to set a marketing plan as an author

Setting a proper marketing plan and executing it strategically is a key element for any successful author. Whether you have a basic understanding of marketing or you barely know the definition of the term; This blog is your guide for creating your marketing plan. It includes the info, tools, and science necessary to make you do your publicity professionally!

In the beginning, there are two paths for author marketing. First one is for your author brand and publicity. The second path is for your writings.

Firstly, Your author brand is essential for a successful publicity campaign. Creating a proper perception of who you are and what your writings are about; are essentials for any successful author. In other words, Your author brand is a priority and it’s equally important to writing. Secondly, a track working on promoting your writings. You can work this out through social media, book clubs, libraries and Occasionally literary events. 

1-Analyze your audience

Define your ideal reader

Think of the best case scenario. A reader comes across your book and makes a purchase, or a reader struggling with getting extra pounds of muscles or a mother facing challenges in raising a down-syndrome kid. Think about the motives that will drive them to buy your book. Why would they choose your book?
Think of their age, lifestyle, and needs. Think of your potential buyers. If you write children’s books you’ll want to think about parents, teachers and any other people dealing with kids.
Think of their presence. Are they available online? If so what are the platforms they use? Women are heavy Pinterest users. However, men are more familiar with Facebook and Twitter.
Here’s a link to a nice tool to help you identify your ideal buyer:

2-Analyze your Market

What’s your competition? Identify the ones involved in publishing, purchasing & promoting your book. Are there any roadblocks including legal, personal challenges that can hinder your progress? Think exactly about the environment you’re in; and accordingly, you can navigate through the market with an open eye and a clear perspective.

3-Marketing Plan Objectives

Includes your sales target, publicity impact, book reviews. These goals are essential to draw a roadmap for your marketing plan. You’ll never be effective if you’re not working on a timetable( Keep it flexible) or a clear realistically reasonable target that can be compared and evaluated.
In Magnolia Network’s article, you’ll be introduced to the idea of setting SMART goals to start your book and proceed with its work. Make sure not to miss it!

4-Marketing strategy

How you’ll position yourself as an author, what’s your uniqueness in this competition? Think about the marketing 4Ps

Firstly, your Product which is essentially your book. Packaging, it’s basically how you’ll offer your book starting from designing its cover, illustrating and printing a final revised copy. Packaging includes the final edits and revisions done in your book to present it in the best possible way.

Secondly, Price. It is your pricing strategy which is reasonable to your ideal buyer and covers your costs simultaneously.

Thirdly, Place. Where do you plan to distribute your book? where do your readers buy books? Also, ask yourself What are the best distribution channels for you?

Lastly, Promotion. It’s the tactics you’ll execute to spread your book. Your Promotional material and strategy basically. Think about the material needed to conduct successful marketing and publicity campaigns.

Below, we’ve listed three tools you can use to grow.

  • Book Trailer
    Trailers are visuals intended to promote a book. Your trailer can be made from still images combined in a harmonic manner with proper sounds to communicate your book’s idea. 

    Additionally, trailers can be animated with more dynamics; bringing life to the objects or characters. You’ll encounter various price ranges when you’re searching for book trailers. These price ranges are supposedly proportional to the value you receive; therefore you’ll have to keep your budget in mind. Think wisely about when to spend your money and importantly on the aspects your cash is flowing to. Book trailers can play an amazing role in your publicity campaign. However, It won’t have a tangible significance if you’re lacking social media presence!In BOOKTIPS We produce Book trailers professionally to help authors spread their word!

  • Blogging
    Creating quality content for your audience can play a considerable role in promoting yourself as an author brand or your writings. It depends on what you’re blogging about. Some authors particularly focus on blogging about their social life. On the other hand, other authors prefer blogging about their writings specifically.Through blogging, you can build a mailing list and create a newsletter for your subscribers. You’re doing this with the intention of conducting e-mail campaigns.
    Such e-mail campaigns must be well-customized based on your categories of subscribers in order to reflect on your engagement with subscribers.
  • Social Media

You can’t simply hit an electrifying result from posting random stuff on social media. That’s why when you’re setting your marketing plan you’ll have to allocate a well-thought-of weight to social media.

Your social media plan is as mentioned above you’re practicing the same principles of analyzing your audience, market, and competition and measuring your resources yet it’s all executed digitally.

Marketing Budget

Thankfully, if you’re wise enough you can literally reach massive success with minimum money spent. A lot of authors started with humble beginnings and minor knowledge about marketing, yet they’ve reached massive success. Accordingly, you can reach an astonishing success if you think strategically about your marketing efforts. 

You don’t want to miss our article for Self-publishing Costs!

Evaluating your Marketing plan

You’ll want to add some metrics to measure your success, including the sales metrics, or the number of reviews.


In conclusion, your marketing plan should be consistent. Additionally, you should coordinate it with your ideal buyer persona and your resources. Moreover,  keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Your time is your most precious resource. Consequently, you can hire people to manage your social media account if you’re busy with the publishing process, you can hire professional editors and proofreaders if your handling your own social media marketing plan. Whatever the case may be, stay sharp and think of efficiency. Capitalize on what you have available. Work on improving your weaknesses or outsourcing others to fill such gaps.


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