Proofreading VS Editing

Editing or Proofreading? Whether you’re an author, poet, blogger, student or any sort of writer, you need to pass through the Editing phase before publishing your piece of content.
But which edit do you need? This blog will answer your question.
Many authors seek a professional editor and they totally have no clue regarding who to hire. The same goes with academic students seeking professionals to edit their thesis. The bottom line here is knowing exactly what you want to do in your papers. Changing the structure and flow of your writing is a route. However, adding commas and making sure that you’re writing American English or British English or a mix of both interchangeably; is another route.


It includes scanning the whole piece of work and forming the most suitable form and sequence. An editor can eliminate paragraphs and sentences in order to reach an understandable text. The prices include going through the text various times and making sure it’s consistent. Editing also includes setting the right tone, removing unnecessary words, capitalizing on the most expressive words in order to present the idea of the text in a clear-cut manner. The editing occurs frequently throughout the writing journey.

If you’re an author and you’re thinking about self-publishing, it’s a must to understand clearly the difference and choose wisely a professional editor; you’ll need that third party to critique and fix any deviations from your book’s purpose.

Platforms to find editors:


It’s the process of correcting superficial errors. Proofreading includes correcting the grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling and any other language errors.
Proofreading usually occurs as a final step prior to publishing.

Let me tell you why you need an external factor to engage in the proofreading phase; it’s because of how our brains work. Basically, the brain is reading what you’re trying to say not what you actually wrote in your document. That’s why you can be an amazing proofreader yet you don’t recognize your own typos.
The Truth About Typos and Why You Keep Missing Them is an amazing article that explains this whole phenomenon.
If you’re more into scientific details, What’s Up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos; Will suit you best.


The terms “Proofreading” and Editing are used interchangeably yet many people miss out the differences. You need to be wise and understand what your goals are and where you’re currently at with your writing process.
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