Self-Publishing Costs

My fellow author, you need to have a crystal-clear perspective before going for self-publishing and understanding that you’ll pay some bucks. In this blog We’ll break down few main expenses you’ll have to pay to get your superb book sold in the top bookstores and online platforms.In this blog, we’ll also make sure that you eliminate the idea that self-publishing costs an arm and a leg.

If you’re still not familiar with self-publishing or you have no idea what’s that then you’ll likely want to check our blog post Self-Publishing-What you need to know.

In order to have a first-rate, self-published book you’ll need to be ready for an investment
Structural editing and book flow, copy editing, proofreading, cover, and in-design.

As we’ve clarified in our earlier blog Self-Publishing-What you need to know, we mentioned that in traditional publishing, the publishing house will manage the whole process from A to Z. In our case, you’ll have to hire a freelancer or do what you can do to tweak your book and add the necessary adjustments.

Structural Editing

Once you have your manuscript ready, you’ll want a structural editor to check the manuscript and conduct extensive and in-depth edits. The key here is that having a professional editor’s touch in your work will develop an overall sense of logical sequence and harmonic flow for your book. Depending on your book pages, you can pay an average of $500. Prices can reach up to 4.5 cents per word which is about $2,250 for 50,000 words if the case is a long book.

Servicescape is one of the top platforms that helps authors get connected with structural editors.


Your manuscript will be looked through and checked comprehensively in order to detect any grammar or spelling errors.

You need to understand that an editor is not the same as a proofreader. The proofreader will not focus on your flow and structure yet a proofreader’s responsibility lies in applying corrections to your text.

Freelancers can charge you $0.5 per word, Service providers can charge more and have higher costs. Just make sure whenever you choose a freelancer, that they have the necessary qualifications. If we’re mentioning a professional proofreading service, the price can range from $100 to $800. can be a good source for you to find a professional proofreader.


You’re either planning to have your book printed out or published electronically, You must build a decent composition and have a smooth format.

The good news is that you can take the lead proudly at this very moment. Microsoft Word offers you the tools needed to produce an amazing format.

You might want to check The Book Design Templates website, where they offer amazingly designed templates for books.

Cover Design

We’ll keep saying it over and over again, passionate readers don’t judge books by their covers yet the majority might do! This Poll says it all! Prices can start from $20 up to $2000. Make sure to choose a designer wisely and of course check his portfolio of designs. Follow up with the designer you hired and work on delivering a clear idea of what your book is about.

If you have an artistic sense, you can take the lead and do your own through Canva


Marketing is essential for any author. You might have the best book on earth yet if you don’t market your book well and have the proper publicity; you’ll never get to see your book read by anyone. When it comes to this very point, things get a bit tricky. You might get into a black hole and freak out; This can affect your decision on how to spend your money. 
You can spend $5000 on an optimized website which is designed to turn the site’s visitors into buyers.

You can hire a publicist to promote your book and that can cost you about $1000.

You can check our guide to Twitter Marketing for authors.

 Costs Sum Up:

Structural Editing $500-$3000
Proofreading $100 to $800.
In-Design $0-$1000
Cover Design $20-$2000
Marketing $500-$5000

At the end of the day, these are just estimates for your overall budget. Any skill you have can dramatically minimize your total cost but if you lack the skill required for a specific task it’s recommended to hire a professional in order to make your book breakthrough!


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