Tips to Rock Social Media as an Author

Authors exert unexpected efforts in writing and publishing books. Throughout the whole journey, they drain their energy. However, when they reach their end goal of having their books published; They realize that they still need to exert an equivalent amount of effort to promote their books on Social Media! This Blog will give you some quick tips to help you boost your game on the web! 

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Firstly, You need to plan ahead! Planning ahead and Scheduling your posts is a magical fix for time constraints. Thinking about your social media presence as a natural continuation of your work as a writer, will help you plan ahead and think of integrating all your writing, marketing and publishing efforts altogether. Once you have this combination you’ll have a harmonic piece of work. There are hundreds of tools dedicated to scheduling social media posts. You can check them out:


Be Responsive

Secondly, You need to understand how important it is to to be engaging. Engage with your fans and seek new opportunities for building/increasing your fan base. One of the most respected acts a person can do on the web is replying to comments. This helps you establish a meaningful connection with followers. Keep in mind that successful social media marketing comes from establishing connections and building meaningful relations. People are not interested in dealing with an autoresponder.

This graph published by shows the increase of authors in the US from 2011-2016. This means that there is a huge potential for network expansion for authors. Being active and responsive to social media will help you accumulate contacts of publishers, authors, and readers.

Social Media

Make your profile shine

Thirdly, Invest time in enhancing your profile. Your profile is your ad! It conveys everything about you. Self-Publishers have the luxury and the challenge to manage their own social media accounts and be self-promoters. Tweet or post on a regular basis. Use Images that support your marketing strategy. According to SocialSorted, visuals on Facebook increase likes by 53%. You can check our Guide on Personal Branding for Authors on Twitter; to learn more about self-publicity.

Curate Content

Fourthly, Curate not only create! Writing a book needs manifold efforts and so does content creation. So what’s the deal then? You have to face the fact that your time and resources are limited. This brings forth the threat of not being able to manage multi-domains simultaneously. Accordingly, you’ll have to minimize the time spent “creating” content on social media.

The solution comes with “Curating” content. It’s sharing material that already exists on the web to your followers in a meaningful and organized manner. Bottom line, Share quality content captioned with your opinion or an added info. So basically, you’re not creating new content but you’re bringing your followers existing high-quality content. is a famous website for linking to plenty of content on the web. Go check it out!

Utilize your Social Media presence

Lastly, utilize your presence on the web!
I started blogging to make connections with other writers, to find future readers and to join a community”

Jenny bravo
Think about the endless connections you can have as a result of posts.
You can tremendously experience a significant engagement just by asking questions. In Booktips we tend to create polls to bring our authors statistics and numbers that explains the behavior of readers. We’ve made a Poll for instance on the book covers and its effect on the book purchasing decision. You can notice clearly the 1,973 Votes!

It’s your turn!
Despite the fact that social media has revolutionized the publishing industry, Yet some authors believe it’s a waste of time. All in all, we’ve brought to you the above tips to help you rock your game. We’ll surely want you right now to share with us your experience and tips to spread the word! 


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