Stories and Literature

Stories and Literature

Stories have been here for a really long time. We have always loved hearing stories even if we don’t like reading them.

Story. What is a story?

A story is not just words in a book. It doesn’t always have to be Fiction. It is actually way more than that.

When you are sitting with your friends or family and talking about your day, that’s a story. Even if nothing exciting has happened, it still is a story.

As we all know, Stories weren’t usually written. They were passed down by word of mouth. People would sit around someone who is called a storyteller and he then would tell them a story, that they go and pass down to their friends and family. Like Gabrielle did in Xena: Warrior Princess.

Back then, people liked sitting around storytellers. Especially the ones who made them live inside the stories and made them feel like they are a part of it. And that’s how legends were made. The storyteller sees or hears about someone’s adventures then he starts telling the stories in a way that will keep the listeners captivated even if he will exaggerate some adventures.


Of course, this wasn’t an efficient way since some people would change the story a little bit to make it sound more intriguing from their point of view, or totally forget some parts, so they pass it down with less information than they have got it. That changed though when people started writing stories down. Whether they were real events, legends, or totally fictional. They wrote them down. And that’s how the storyteller became the writer.

The Origins of Literature

Have you ever thought how was literature invented? Especially when no one wrote these stories down at first?

Well, people started writing as a way of long-distance communication. We have all saw the whole piece of paper flown by a pigeon in movies or shows that are based on a time-period that happened a long time ago before technology and texting.


This led them to write about the events that were happening around them which then led to literature.

After that, they started writing poetry to their Gods, stories, legends..etc. One of the first people who started writing were the ancient Egyptians. They used to write on anything they got their hands on. Starting with rocks and tombs to papyrus.

The first written story that has come down to us is The Epic of Gilgamesh. Although, it might not be the first story ever written. It is the oldest written story, anywhere, known to exist. The most complete version was written on 12 clay tablets. Which is believed to have been written between 1500-1200 BC.

We now know that, although books have been here for a long time, stories have been here for even longer.




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