The Evolution of Book Cover Design

It’s another blog with a typical topic and therefore a typical “Don’t judge a book by its cover” will surely fit this typical context. Well, truth is, Book covers do actually form a perception, they can communicate the whole idea of your book in a picture, and that is essentially the magnificence of art.

Have you ever wondered why do book covers keep changing; to be more punctual “evolve”? Well, the reason behind this is that we people change and accordingly the design trends change. In this dynamic world where there are tons of books out there and diversity in options, it’s tough to make a decision when buying a book. And at these tough moments, the book cover can be the game changer and the icing on the cake.

These covers will give you an overlook of how designs can change yet they can still communicate a vivid message!

Harry Potter- J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling’s masterpiece, Harry Potter, made a tremendous success and projected the magic from Hogwarts to our world with some breathtaking moments and awesome characters.

We can clearly notice the contrast between Rowling’s first edition that was published originally in 1997 and the 2014th edition, and the magic keeps coming out of each unique cover.

1984 – George Orwell

1984 dystopian novel takes you to a world full of corruption but regardless of that, we can assume what’s the novel about through the covers, which is dramatically the opposite when we see the original vintage 1950’s original cover.

I hope big brother’s not reading this right now.

Oliver Twist- Charles Dickens

An orphan’s misery is lived through the pages of this remarkable classic novel.
Charles Dickens did not only create an exceptional experience but he also made a vivid portrayal of the suffering of orphans and how they can be abused.
The book cover portrays such message in a comprehensible way, expressing the emotions of misery and suffering.

Angels and Demons- Dan Brown

Dan Brown’s famous thriller that tackles the conspiracies of secret societies. The historical architecture and symbolism play a key role in Brown’s novel. These elements formed an artistic vibe in these covers.

Design your own!

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In conclusion, book covers will always express emotions and convey messages without words.
Next time you read a book, make sure the cover speaks for itself.


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