Twitter Hacks for Authors

Twitter is not a complicated platform to be used, tweets, DMs, retweets, and likes. It is easy. But if you just using it this way, let me tell you that you’re missing a lot.

There are some hacks you should be using very well if you’re seeking personal branding and would like to be a real celebrity on Twitter.  Let’s go through some of them:

1.Design your twitter profile:

Your profile design is like the cover of a book, it is that the eye sees before the content so it has to be catchy and identifying. This can be achieved through two things: Profile picture (Avatar) and your bio.
Avatar: Your avatar is just like a brand logo, it should be clear and well chosen.

Make sure not to change it every now and then. Choose one and know that it will last on your profile for a long time, because this is how you can be well remembered and as you know, no brand changes its logo.

And for a professional look, avoid pixelated photos or that with a low quality, that would drive away your potential followers.

Bio: These 140-characters are really important, it’s the answer to who you are?

A lot of people takes the follow decision only after reading the bio without even checking the timeline.

Make sure to use identifying words like “Author” or “Writer”. These are magic words that grabs readers’ attention.

Also, try to avoid links in the bio. It gives the impression that it’s a commercial account and that they are going to see nothing except tweets about your books and this is really bad for personal branding.

2.Tweet with good quality:

Tweeting is really important to keep your followers, but also just tweeting and retweeting anything does not work. Let’s get to the point, how tweeting should be done?

Here are three main points:

Theme: one of the very first steps you should consider when you start using twitter is to choose a theme for yourself in which most of your tweets and retweets will have that theme.

What are you going to tweet about? Books? Writing advices? Your writing field? Your personal life? Reading?

N.B. You can choose more than one theme but not so many, and that have to be relevant to each other.

Keywords: Choosing a certain theme for yourself will make you specific in your tweets. Try to focus on some certain keywords and use them frequently but make sure not to be boring repeating same tweets.

Choose the keywords according to your target audience and what would attract them most.

Visulas: A photo is a better eye catcher than a word. Try always to attach a well-designed relevant picture to your tweet.

3.Send automated DM:

Direct message is a good tool to interact directly with your followers in which you are sure 100% that it will reach them.

You can automate a DM to be sent directly to your new followers, you can promote your book or blog or site or whatever but make sure your DM has something to say or call to action thing. “Thanks for the follow is not a thing to say by the way”.

There is an important point here that we should consider. Aren’t automated messages and replies a little bit annoying and gives you that feeling that a robot is talking to you?

Well, you can overcome this disadvantage easily by following up your messages and communicating with those who reply to your automated DM. You’ll not be a robot anymore.

These are some sites you can use to set your auto DM:

  1. Statusbrew.
  2. Unfollowspy.
  3. Socialoomph.
  4. crowdfire.

To be a twitter pro, you have to learn more & more about its hacks, the more you know the more effectively you’ll implement and the more professional you will become.

Give yourself the time to learn it and edit the way you use it regularly to make the best out of it.


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