Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block, AKA Writer’s nightmare. I believe every writer has experienced a block for their thought’s flow. That annoying feeling where you’re trying as hard as you can to write something but you just can’t! Nearly everyone—from the most humbly educated to the most academically accomplished—has experienced at least once that terrified loss for words traditionally known as “writer’s block.”

Enough negativity already! Let’s talk some facts and then share some solutions.

Writer's Block


Writer’s block can be caused as a result of trying to write at the wrong time. It’s not wise to start pouring what’s in your mind while you had a tough day at work and you were stuck in an endless- traffic jam loop (unless it inspired you to write a space science fiction novel). This can cause you stress and make you question the whole idea of writing. The time has come to read few time management tips for writers.  

Stressful Experiences


Some writer’s experience such block when passing through severe stress, or physical illness or other pressures from saving their bank account to avoid destroying a personal relationship. All these pressures are accumulated forming a state of brain fog. Remember how our brain works, it’s all about fight or flight whenever you’re in a stressful situation which correlates positively to narrowing down your thoughts. Phyllis Koestenbaum summed it all up saying I needed to write to feel, but without feeling, I couldn’t write.” in her article.

Sleep problems 

We are not machines. We need some rest and high-quality sleep hours. If you’re having 6-7 hours a day; Congrats, you’re on the healthy side if you’re below that; then you should take the whole sleeping idea into consideration and start working on improving your overall lifestyle to end up having the time to sleep well. I don’t need to mention that oversleeping is definitely a dangerous thing as you’ll end up having a brain fog and lowering your cognitive abilities which is surprisingly the same thing experienced with sleep deprivation.
You’d better work on fixing any sleep disorders you have, this page will guide you through it.

Lack of Motivation

A human’s life is like the seasons, sometimes we’re just autumn, but that’s a sign for a promising winter full of hard work and a fruitful spring full of laughter and a shining summer full of success and energy. Lake of motivation can slow us down and hinder our growth but the wisdom lies in figuring out the reasons behind such lack of motivation. Next time you feel a bit shaky or hesitant to write something astonishing remember Brian Tracy’s quote “Successful people do what they have to, whether they feel like it or not.”

Attention Deficiency

I’m not a huge fan of calling it ADHD, I’m not a therapist either but I’m almost 100% sure that watching TV while browsing the internet and talking to your spouse while having this irritating thought of thinking about immigration will surely not give you the right atmosphere to write something remarkable. Learn to focus and do one thing at a time. As a writer you have plenty tasks to do from marketing yourself as an author, or generating some artistic articles or books it’s a total hustle, but don’t make such noisy day routine overtake your piece of mind.

Quick tactics to kill the Writer’s Block

This is no scam but rather some quick actionable tactics you can begin to implement as soon as possible.

  • Watch a movie
    Get some inspiration from a movie. Make sure it’s a good one and full of respectable professional art.
  • Go for a walk
    You deserve a pause. Walking can dramatically enhance your cognitive abilities which will correlate to having a clear mind with a natural flow of creative ideas and remove the writer’s block.

Check out this line in the Tempest:”O brave new world, / That has such people in ‘t!
Next time you read a line a book, think about it as a title for a work of yours!

  • Eliminate distractions
    In order to overcome the writer’s block, You need to find your own place where you can sit there and be productive, dedicate a time of the day where you check your emails, answer phone calls, check your Twitter account…etc.
    Dedicate another chunk is for your creative work.


It’s okay to experience the Writer’s Block each once in a while. But don’t stay there for so long. You should focus on managing your time. Have a walk and engage in any sort of physical activity. And always remember that you’re writing for a reason!


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