Booktips provide multiple services

Why Booktips ?

Don’t kill your book with:

1.Unprofessional editing

Readers rarely give their attention to books with editorial mistakes. Through Booktips, you will be provided with a professional, budget-friendly, and effective editorial service.

64% of readers said they won’t read a book with editorial mistakes

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2.Un-attractive cover designs

Millions of books are being published every year, but you will not stand in the competition without an attractive cover design. Booktips provide a wide range of talented designers that will help your book shine on shelves.

81% of readers said they have bought a book before only because they loved its cover

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3.Ignoring book reviews

Readers seek reviews to increase confidence in their choice. Our community of reviewers “Booktasters” will help you get honest and constructive feedback through the way.

72% of readers said they take reviews into consideration before buying books

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It is never too late

Get your book edited, designed, or redesign your book cover, and rejuvenate your book even after its publication