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Add your book on Goodreads and offer it for reviewing. Our community would gladly provide you with honest and constructive feedback for a strengthened and developed post-publication marketing.

Goodreads became one of the most important books’ networking sites on the internet. ”

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1 – Choose a suitable package and only wait for an email!

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How do you choose your reviewers?2020-07-29T13:20:55+00:00

We pick bookworms from all over the world who are interested in reading your book specifically. We make sure they are linguistically qualified to review your book on different platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. Our reviewers are not monetarily compensated, so you need not worry that they would be influenced to provide anything but constructive feedback to you.

What are the reviewing criteria?2020-07-29T13:21:51+00:00

We do not let the reviewers follow a certain template in reviewing a book, but they do follow minimum obligations like:

1. Providing honest and constructive feedback and avoiding spoilers to make sure the review is beneficial to the author and future readers.

2. Provide individual feedback for reviewers to improve their reviews.

What is the delivery time?2020-07-29T13:22:18+00:00

The maximum time frame needed to provide the total number of promised reviews on the book or connect the author with interested reviewers.

How long will the reviewer take to post the review?2020-02-21T14:53:22+00:00

– We give our reviewers 4-6 weeks, which starts when the author delivers the book to the reviewer.

What am I paying for?2020-07-29T13:23:05+00:00

– You are paying for Booktasters to manage high quality, genuine, reviewing processes and for guaranteeing to get the promised reviews. The reviewers themselves are not paid. They are just bookworms who are genuinely interested to provide their genuine feedback.

Does the author choose the reviewers?2020-07-29T13:23:37+00:00

– Neither the authors nor the company chooses the reviewers. Reviewers from the early beginning follow a certain criterion that qualifies them to participate in the community.If the author decided to skip a certain reviewer for a particular reason, the review is considered delivered.

What do we mean by a “delivered review”?2020-07-29T13:23:55+00:00

– A review posted by Booktasters’ reviewers on a particular, previously agreed on platform according to our reviewing criteria.

Do we have reviewers for all genres?2020-07-29T13:24:13+00:00

– Yes, except for books undergoing sexual, pornography, or erotica genre and non-fiction books that are directed to a certain religious belief.

How does Booktasters protect the copyrights of my book?2020-07-29T13:24:40+00:00

– The author’s only responsibility in the process is to provide a copy of the book to the interested reviewers (we usually recommend e-copies)From our side, we do have a signed ethical agreement with Booktasters’ reviewers that they are not eligible of sharing or providing their pre-owned e-copy for any reason. Until now, we have not experienced any incidence related to spoiling the agreement.